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After more than 15 years in the sponsorship business, industry veteran and valuation expert Tom Perros launched SIEGE Sponsorship - an independent sponsorship consultancy and valuation shop - to help rightsholders and brands maximize the value of their sponsorships and corporate partnerships. 

Having overseen more than $3B of sponsorship rights valuations across thousands of properties, our breadth and depth of experience is unmatched across every sector including museums, zoos and aquariums, sports, arts, entertainment, cause, nonprofit, and B2B.

SIEGE Sponsorship Consulting + Valuation was created to serve the sponsorship sellers and buyers throughout our industry - regardless of size, sector, profile, geography, or pedigree.

No singular traditional agency or technology vendor has the comprehensive experience or context to credibly assess the value of a sponsorship, nor the holistic view of the marketplace to properly inform partnership strategy.

As a collaborative consultancy, SIEGE Sponsorship retains its own clients on project-based work as well as working with the industry's best and brightest to ensure we bring our clients the resources and solutions they need.

Tom Perros

Tom Perros

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