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Vision:  We envision a future in which past, present, and future museum professionals have access to fulfilling careers, through which they can help organizations thrive and serve their communities in meaningful ways.


Mission: exists to create a community that supports museum professionals in designing fulfilling careers. is a community of museum professionals – past, present, and future – who are seeking career fulfillment. Whether it’s returning to a museum, transferring skills to an adjacent field, or ensuring your museum staff members are seen, heard, and valued, exists to support museum professionals in all stages of life and career. We do this work because we believe that informed, skilled, and connected people propel and sustain institutions, and skills developed through museum work lend themselves to a lifetime of achievement and contribution. is committed to the advancement of the museum field through the very people uniquely suited to contribute to institutions and the communities they serve. 

The turbulent events of 2020 had life-changing consequences for many individuals, organizations, and industries around the world. In the museum field, thousands of highly experienced, passionate professionals became separated from their institutions, those remaining employed faced tremendous challenges and uncertainty, and those new to the field were suddenly navigating a changed landscape. As museums and like-minded institutions moved to re-open and re-staff, many faced reduced budgets, burned out employees, and urgent calls for equity. was created in 2020 to help address this extraordinary situation. Originally focused on connecting the unemployed with institutions needing help, we have grown to embrace a more holistic view of the museum workforce.  At the heart of our effort, is a live, online tool to connect employers with experts. In addition, we provide no-cost career development webinars and online programs that facilitate the important conversations about the future of the museum workforce. We are looking to diversify our offerings based on strategic choices inspired by our recently updated vision and mission. is a 501© 3 tax-exempt, all-volunteer organization. For more information, contact Walter Staveloz. To donate, click the button below.

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