What is MuseumExpert.org?

MuseumExpert.org was created by a volunteer team of museum professionals. It’s completely free to use and is intended to fill an immediate need in the museum sector. During the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of highly experienced, passionate museum professionals have been displaced from the museum workforce. Museums are grappling with the challenges of reopening and operating, often with reduced staff, amidst ongoing uncertainty. We’ve created MuseumExpert.org to help address this unique situation. This free service is ready to connect industry experts with museum leaders who have short- or long-term employment opportunities. 


Who can create an Expert” profile?

Are consultants eligible to list themselves on MuseumExpert.org?

If you have one or more years of experience in museum work and are currently unemployed or underemployed due to the pandemic, you are invited to create an expert profile.


MuseumExpert.org was created primarily to connect museum professionals who have been laid off or furloughed due to COVID-19 with short- or long-term employment opportunities. Independent museum professionals who have lost work due to the pandemic are also eligible. 


You can edit or delete your expert profile at any time. 


Who can create an “Employer” profile

Any entity that has current or future staffing needs or employment opportunities is welcome to create an employer profile. You can edit or delete your employer profile at any time.


Who can browse or search Expert profiles?

Who has access to my profile information, and how will it be used?

  • Expert profiles are visible to other registered site users (both expert & employer).

  • Employer profiles can be viewed only by the registered site user who created each profile. 

  • Expert and employer profile data will be used by the MuseumExpert.org team for anonymized reporting to the site community and partners (e.g. total number of site users, subsets such as geographic distribution, years in the field, expertise areas, etc.).


How can I report a problem using the site and get help?

  • Send an email to webmaster@museumexpert.org. If possible, include a screenshot and indicate the web browser (e.g Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.), OS, and device where the problem was encountered.


Why doesn’t the site have job postings?

The MuseumExpert.org site was created to fill an immediate need in the museum sector, and does not aim to replace existing job sites available through a number of professional associations.