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Expert Profile


Kimberly Jovinelli





Full or Part-time

Position Type:



United States of America

Years in the field:

6 – 10 Years

Areas of Expertise

Curatorial/Collections, Events, Exhibits development, Marketing & Communications, Research & Evaluation, Security/Safety, Social Media

For the last five years I have been the Curator of Collections for the National Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia, PA. The top function of my position was the care and preservation of the 13,000 object collection that included a wide range of artifacts in different sizes, shapes, types of materials, and needs using the best standards and practices laid out by the American Alliance of Museums. I was responsible for the research, loans, writing, creative design, and instillation of two yearly exhibitions which allowed me to explore my creativity and use my skills in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. I oversaw the daily operations of the museum and was responsible for ensuring a positive guest experience for visitors and stakeholders as well as the security of the museum, visitors, and the collection as well as the supervision and management of four staff members and 2-3 volunteers. As part of my position I had the opportunity to train in museum disaster recovery and relief and have kept myself up to date on the best practices in museum collection management.


My work also has previously allowed me to explore and grow in the museum field through volunteer and internships in and around the city of Philadelphia. Through my graduate school work study program, I worked closely with Independence National Historic Park in their Archaeology department from 2012 through 2014 mending artifacts daily and taking lead on several projects including cataloging their wood collection and working on corresponding census record research. I have also assisted on an audience research project with The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in 2012 for their special exhibit Maya 2012. Other work has been done with the Franklin Institute, the Philadelphia History Museum at Atwater Kent, and The Delaware County Historical Society, where I was also appointed to a 2 year term on the Board of Directors from 2010 through 2012. This experience awarded me the University of the Arts Museum Communication Award for Service to the Museum field.


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