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Expert Profile


Todd Christopher McMahon


He, Him




Position Type:



United States of America

Years in the field:

26+ Years

Areas of Expertise

Administrative Support, Curatorial/Collections, Distance/Digital Learning, Education, Exhibits development, Explainer/guide, Outreach and Public Engagement, Partnerships, Professional Development, Research & Evaluation, Volunteer Programs

Todd McMahon Founder and CEO of Interpret Site L.L.C. was a Staff Archaeologist and the Colorado State Curation Coordinator at History Colorado (Office of the State Archaeologist). Todd McMahon retired from History Colorado in December 2022 after 30 years of public service. He formally managed and established the State-Approved Museums and Curatorial Repositories Program, a statewide network of local museums and institutions that hold artifacts and fossil collections in-trust for the State of Colorado. In that role, he was also a member of the Cultural Historical Resource Task Force (CHR) and supported these institutions when dealing with disaster threats to their collections. Prior to that in addition to other duties he managed and coordinated the State-wide Archaeology and Historic Preservation Week events and mini-event grant program after receiving a multi-year State Historical Fund grant. Todd also has extensive experience using geographical information systems, site archaeological data, and as a Section 106 National Historic Preservation Act reviewer. He also holds research interests in the Formative Period in west-central Colorado, Peruvian archaeology, Front-range archaeology, Hawai'ian archaeology and the prehistoric four-corner’s area.

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