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Thomas Briggs


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Position Type:


United Kingdom

Years in the field:

11 – 15 Years

Areas of Expertise

After-School Programs, Distance/Digital Learning, Docent Programs, Education, Exhibits development, Explainer/guide, Information/Technology/Digital, Outreach and Public Engagement, Research & Evaluation

The bottom line*

I've never been to a museum that doesn't have rich seams of mathematics running through it. I've been to very few that brought attention to them.


In brief...

I'm a maths fan and a museum educator who feels that Heritage sector organisations have a wonderful opportunity to expand their audiences and provide unique educational experiences just by embracing the mathematics that is present in their stories, objects and exhibitions.


My qualifications

I have completed an MA in Education, a PgCert in Digital Leadership, a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics Teaching, and a BSc in Mathematics with Astronomy.

The links provided above for my PgCert and MA include the titles for each project, essay and dissertation submitted in completion of those courses. I am particularly proud of:

  • My final dissertation and project that formed the bulk of my MA, which investigated the potential effects of participation in maths-related museum learning activities on attitudes towards mathematics of visiting secondary school students.
  • My final project for my PgCert in Digital Leadership which formulated a comprehensive set of digital skills competencies which were later incorporated into GEM's Competency Framework for museum educators.

My experience

  • I have more than 8 years of experience teaching mathematics in secondary schools and providing private tuition to students of all ages.
  • I worked for nearly 8 years as part of Bletchley Park's learning team, progressing from Education Officer to Learning Manager. I was primarily responsible for the site's Outreach programme (visiting schools and other organisations), but also made sure that mathematics was well-represented across the education offer.

Since my redundancy in 2020, I have worked as a freelance museum education consultant, completing a number of projects for a variety of organisations. Some that I'm most proud of include:



Find out more about who I am and what I do by browsing the various sections on my website:





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