Operations Team


Emmelly Villagran

Social  Media

Emmelly (she/her) became an art historian due to her fascination with how and why art is made. During her time at the University of Illinois at Chicago, she was drawn to social media marketing and its relation to art history. She loves seeing how pop culture, art history, and social media combine. She is especially interested in the different ways institutions are using these social platforms to bring their experience to the palm of their hand. Being interested in these topics led her to create the student social media liaison position for the College of Arts and Architecture within UIC and brought her to where she is today. Her marketing background extends to almost five years of being a content creator and manager for different companies. She’s worked with micro-influencers, small brands, podcasters, record labels, and large institutions. During the summer of 2020, she began volunteering with the Arts and Business Council of Chicago and has assisted in various projects as a social media marketing specialist. Currently, she is continuing her education, volunteering with more organizations, and in the process of completing a graduate certificate program with NYU studying arts management. Emmelly’s dream is to utilize her degree to work at a museum.