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Expert Profile


Sami Doupnik



Position Type:


United States of America

Years in the field:

1 – 5 Years

Areas of Expertise

After-School Programs, Camp Programs, Distance/Digital Learning, Education, Explainer/guide, Guest/Visitor Services, Operations, Outreach and Public Engagement, Project Management, Professional Development, Social Media

I am an experienced non-profit-museum professional and science communicator. I am independently driven, flexible and adaptable to a fast-paced and evolving work environment, and I thrive, both personally and professionally, when I am solving problems and challenging myself creatively.

My current role as a Earth Science Engagement Manager involves leading a team of talented science communicators who provide meaningful and engaging experiences for all museum guests in the context of Geology and Earth Sciences. I also actively collaborate with various internal and external stakeholders to develop and facilitate a wide range of museum events, programs, exhibit content and initiatives.

I am skilled in both formal and informal STEM education for grades pre-K through college undergraduates, professional teachers, and the public. My educational background is in geology and earth science (B.S. and M.S.), which began my career path and passion for connecting others to the natural world and phenomena around them.

As science communicator, I strive to curate curiosity with my audience. I have extensive experience with both in-person and digital scicomm engagements. Digital scicomm has included written, live, and pre-filmed content via various museum social media platforms and local news stations. I am highly skilled in both internal and external written and verbal communication.

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