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Expert Profile


Melissa Prycer






Position Type:



United States of America

Years in the field:

16 – 20 Years

Areas of Expertise

Administrative Support, Development/Sponsorship/Institutional Advancement, Education, Events, Grants/Foundational Giving, Senior Leadership, Operations, Partnerships, Project Management, Strategic Planning

The majority of my career was spent at just one museum, Dallas Heritage Village. Originally hired as the Program Manager, I became Executive Director in 2014, after doing a little bit of everything. Both as Director of Education and Executive Director, I led the reimagination of our programming, our historic resources, and what an outdoor living history museum can do.


Building Community

Throughout my time at DHV, I worked to build community, whether within our rapidly changing neighborhood or in the larger museum field. Every museum–and museum professional–becomes stronger when you connect with others in our field. I’ve been active, both as a member and as a leader, in professional organizations at the local, state and national level–and some of my favorite experiences have been through that work.


Making History

My passion is history–and building connections between our modern lives and the past. My interests are broad, but I keep going back to stories from the early 20th century, particularly those about how women and African Americans pushed against the boundaries society struggled to enforce. But if you really want me to get going on a topic, just ask about Kidlit History.


Museum Philosophy

  • I believe that visiting a museum shouldn’t be a special occasion, but a regular part of people’s lives.
  • I believe that museums should be active members of their community and help fulfill the community’s needs, from opening spaces for community meetings to providing engaging programming.
  • I believe that everyone likes history; it’s our job to open the doors.
  • I believe that children belong in museums.
  • I believe that exhibits, interpretation and programming should reflect many voices, especially those of the community.
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