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Expert Profile


Meena Selvakumar






Position Type:



United States of America

Years in the field:

20 – 25 Years

Areas of Expertise

Development/Sponsorship/Institutional Advancement, Education, Exhibits development, Grants/Foundational Giving, Senior Leadership, Outreach and Public Engagement, Partnerships, Project Management, Professional Development, Strategic Planning, Youth/Teen Programs

I am currently an academic teaching and mentoring students in a graduate museum studies program. I have more than 20+ years experience as a practitioner in the museum field in audience engagement strategies, grant seeking and writing, partnerships, professional development, leadership, and strategy.


I’ve raised more than $5 million in government and foundation funding to design, implement, and evaluate innovative exhibits and programs that bridge research and practice. My work has also included training and building a network for other museums that sought to replicate our proven methodology.


In my current role, I teach grant writing, careers and have developed new coursework including community engagement. I oversee the thesis work of graduate students including original research incorporating social science methodologies as well as projects resulting in the development of a unique contribution to a local museum. These works span a variety of topics from decolonization to development in a range of settings from small locally based historic museums to large encyclopedic museums.


I have been invited to contribute to thought spaces in the field and serve on non-profit boards and review journal articles for peer-reviewed publications. I am interested in opportunities to consult for museums that may benefit from my areas of expertise. I believe that my own learning and understanding of our field will continue to broaden and deepen as a result.

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