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Expert Profile


Mary Anne Casey



Position Type:



United States of America

Years in the field:

11 – 15 Years

Areas of Expertise

Exhibits development, Marketing & Communications, Project Management, Other

I’m a graphic designer. I’m also a visual storyteller. But I really think of myself as a creative curator; someone who works closely with an awesomely eclectic group of people to translate what they need to say into something that people like you and me want to learn more about.

Are you a marketing director looking to increase traffic to your amazing new website? Yep, I can help you do that.

Are you a museum curator wanting to attract a broader audience than what you’re used to? I’ll design your exhibit and also help you get the word out with a gorgeous marketing campaign.

I believe in vibrantly visual storytelling as a way to get people to see all the cool things that I see. And design—from exhibit design to marketing graphic design—is my favorite way to do that. Just thinking about all the cool stuff out there makes me happy. And this is a beautiful thing.

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