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Expert Profile


Mallorie Hsu





Full or Part-time

Position Type:



United States of America

Years in the field:

1 – 5 Years

Areas of Expertise

Administrative Support, Curatorial/Collections, Diversity, Education, Exhibits development, Intern Programs, Marketing & Communications, Operations, Outreach and Public Engagement, Project Management

I currently live in LA but am originally from Taiwan. Overtime, both locations have transformed into places close to my heart. Attending college in California has exposed me to diverse cultures and allowed me to gain confidence in working with individuals from different backgrounds. My education and upbringing have fostered strong critical thinking, verbal, and writing skills. These skills are essential for creating a piece of work, managing and leading projects/deadlines, providing administrative support, and also in engaging and understanding the nuances of what a particular piece of work represents. I am blessed with constant creativity, enthusiasm, and a strong work ethic.

My previous experience in working with museum collections and exhibition content has been both rewarding and inspiring. Helping artists display and promote their works in a way that makes them proud is something I am passionate about. I am fluent in providing digital accessibility for arts-oriented organizations and have experience working in creative nonprofits, arts education, and the commercial art world. The responsibilities related (i.e. project management, targeted outreach, writing research papers to synthesize specific findings, managing museum databases, properly storing pieces, analyzing the condition of loans after de-installation, and writing condition reports/statements) has been a welcomed experience and improved my attention to detail greatly.

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