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Expert Profile


Lex Piccione






Position Type:



United States of America

Years in the field:

6 – 10 Years

Areas of Expertise

Marketing & Communications

I like to try new approaches to design solutions which often leads to making things by hand. I love to learn. Whatever project I'm working on, I study it assiduously. I am a graduate from the Academy of Art University with a Masters in Fine Arts. My thesis was about saving endangered animals with the help of graphic designers. I am passionate about infographics and accessibility design. I also enjoy teaching other people about design principles.


At Boston Children's Museum, I helped create a new logo and brand for the Museum. I edited and created video content. I created numerous print materials like brochures, maps, postcards, newsletters, large promotional banners, and more. I designed graphics for social media, websites, and e-mails. I took photographs of events, educational kit materials, and reptiles (as seen in my profile pictures). I am also the founder of the Design Accessibility Initiative team where I developed accessibility protocols for social media and emails and trained staff. I designed digital advertisements for the Museum on billboards in South Station, social media ads, and other websites. I also designed signs, including ADA compliant Braille signs, and occasionally created or assisted with exhibit graphics.

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