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Expert Profile


Jeremy McMahan



Position Type:


New York

United States of America

Years in the field:

6 – 10 Years

Areas of Expertise

Administrative Support, After-School Programs, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + Access, Docent Programs, Education, Exhibits development, Explainer/guide, Guest/Visitor Services, Marketing & Communications, Project Management, Social Media

  1. My primary role at the Rubin was being a museum educator. I would lead tours for a variety of audiences including K-12 students, people with alzheimer's and dementia, as well as the visually impaired. For these tours, I would plan tour routes and activities to reach the learning goals of each particular group. I also trained both volunteers and staff on tour techniques, the permanent collection, and upcoming exhibitions. Being a museum educator has given excellent interpersonal and communication skills, as well as exceptional public speaking and presentation skills. Furthermore, the education materials I created were used by the marketing and communications team to inform their campaigns and social media strategies.
  2. I have extensive experience creating and running programs especially as the lead manager for the last three years of the Rubin's Dream Over, a museum sleepover for adults that sells out to 100 visitors in twenty minutes. My role was essential to train and manage the 20 volunteers and staff needed for visitor care and engagement. The retention rate for Dream Over volunteers over the years has proven my ability to lead a team to successfully run an intricate program.
  3. Prior to being promoted to Coordinator, I worked as a Visitor Experience Associate at the Rubin’s ticketing desk. In this position I would actively sell admission and program tickets as well as promote membership programs. Since the ticketing desk served as the first point of contact for the Rubin, I became well versed in all the museum’s policies, operations, programming, and exhibitions. This experience has given me excellent customer service and interpersonal communication skills allowing me to dispense information efficiently and succently to all museum visitors while also creating a warm environment.
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