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Expert Profile


Donna Fahres






Position Type:



United States of America

Years in the field:

16 – 20 Years

Areas of Expertise

After-School Programs, Camp Programs, Curatorial/Collections, Education, Events, Explainer/guide, Intern Programs, Membership Programs, Project Management

Sharing my enthusiasm for the environment with others has always been my passion. While some jobs have lead me away from this, I am refocusing my career back to sharing my knowledge and skills with interested participants. I am highly organized, love to solve problems, collaborates with others, and enjoys being outdoors.


Project Management-

  • Administered an annual summer science program for 5,000+ students and managed a $400,000+ annual corporate grant budget. Created timelines with clear deliverables, reached deadlines, and prioritized duties to attain projected goals. Built on existing program strengths and streamlined the planning and implementation processes to increase efficiency. Anticipated problems and developed solutions to decrease disruption to the program. Maintained accurate data records, managed budgets, processed invoices, and projected future expenditures. Created annual reports and completed corporate grant application for future funding. Hired, trained, and supervised 25 teaching staff.


Event Planning-

  • Organized and hosted special events such as historic houses open house, family day at the museum, teacher recognition dinner, and teacher sleepover. Planned the events by creating an event logistics outline with milestone dates, collaborated with staff, reserved space, advertised, arranged pre-registration or ticket sales, supervised on-site check-in, scheduled guest speakers and demonstrations, contracted professional photographer, and ordered catering. Anticipated problems and proactively resolved them prior to the event. Attendance varied from 25-1,600 participants. Post-event analysis was recorded for future improvements.


Informal Education-

  • Educated students (preK-12th grade) and adults about natural science and the importance of conserving the environment through interactive science-based activities incorporated into school trips, summer camps, and family programs. Developed and implemented 25+ curricula, new scout badge program, themed sleepovers, and conducted programming to 250,000+ participants. Hired, trained, and supervised 15 contractual employees. Increased awareness of program via publications, new webpage, and conference presentations.
  • Rejuvenated college internship program with renewed faculty partnerships and recruiting strategies resulting in double the qualified participants.



  • Active member of the Friends of Paolone Park for 4+ years. Assist with the maintenance of the park and improvement with native plants, enhanced soil, and planting strategies.
  • Coordinate adult volunteers to complete stewardship projects as co-leader of the Park Friends group in 2020. Host meetings and communicate with members through email about park projects and strategies for future park enhancements. Created an electronic survey so all members could voice their opinion on park projects and used that data to guide our planning.
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