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Expert Profile


Daniel Whitaker





Full or Part-time

Position Type:

Rio de Janeiro


Years in the field:

6 – 10 Years

Areas of Expertise

After-School Programs, Curatorial/Collections, Education, Exhibits development, Operations, Project Management, Youth/Teen Programs, Other

A Passionate and Experienced Curator, Educator, and Exhibit Designer

With nearly a decade of experience in the realm of museums, education, and exhibit design, I am driven by a passion for creating engaging and thought-provoking experiences that foster critical thinking and a deeper understanding of the world around us. My expertise lies in curating exhibitions that seamlessly connect to the IB curriculum, particularly in the PYP, while also incorporating a range of current affairs and future possibilities.


A Proven Track Record of Success

As the Head of MuseOn, the museum space at the Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro (EARJ), I have played a pivotal role in curating thought-provoking exhibitions that have resonated with visitors of all ages.

My commitment to excellence extends beyond the museum walls. I have a proven track record of developing and implementing engaging educational projects in both museum and school settings. My work in the low-income community of Morro do Palácio in Niterói stands as a testament to my ability to create impactful programs that promote communication, group work, sustainability, and self-esteem.


A Masterful Communicator and Collaborator

Effective communication is at the heart of my success. I am fluent in Portuguese and English, with advanced proficiency in Spanish, allowing me to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and foster positive working relationships. My ability to engage with audiences of all ages, from young children to seasoned museumgoers, has been instrumental in creating immersive and transformative experiences.


A Dedicated Lifelong Learner

I am a passionate lifelong learner, constantly seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge and enhance my skills. I have completed certifications in Child Protection Level 2 and Google Introduction to AI, demonstrating my commitment to staying at the forefront of my field. I also have participated in international workshops, such as The Binding School Museum – AMISA 2023/Guatemala, to exchange ideas and learn from experts around the world.


A Driving Force in the Arts

My passion for art extends beyond the museum realm. I have participated in numerous art exhibitions throughout my career, including the 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, and 28th Annual Arts Show at FAAP, and my work has been recognized with prestigious exhibits such as the Estadão Multicultural Award, and the Programa Rumos Itaú Cultural, both in São Paulo.


A Commitment to Making a Difference

My work is driven by a deep-seated belief in the power of education and art to transform lives. I am committed to creating experiences that foster creativity, curiosity, a sense of global citizenship, and the promotion of solid critical thinking from the visitors. I believe that museums, schools, and art institutions have the potential to be catalysts for positive change, and I am dedicated to using my skills and experience to make a difference in the world.

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