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Expert Profile


Carrie Anderson






Position Type:

Costa Mesa


United States of America

Years in the field:

1 – 5 Years

Areas of Expertise

Administrative Support, Curatorial/Collections, Education, Exhibits development, Grants/Foundational Giving, Information/Technology/Digital, Marketing & Communications, Research & Evaluation

Eighteen years ago my life was forever changed when I started volunteering at a museum. I was initially driven by a love for history, but after three years working with an inspiring mentor and completing a public history thesis, I learned that museums are as much about shaping the future as they are about preserving the past. I became committed to ensuring that history is incorporated with our everyday lives and the belief that museums are cornerstones of our communities.


Since then, I gained experience in many different facets of museum work— from collections management to marketing and education. My accomplishments include accessioning over 5,000 blueprints using PastPerfect, serving on an exhibition team, creating and editing both online and print content as well as delivering educational programming. I even gained international museum experience by translating content for the Danish National Gallery. At a website design studio focused on non-profit clients, I created and edited marketing materials while maintaining the company’s website. Each of these opportunities fueled my passion for museums while providing a more holistic view of how these institutions fulfill their missions. I also proved to be a quick learner who thrives from new challenges.


My professional trajectory more recently focused towards experience with marketing communications and technology. I made the leap from using technology for museum marketing to working for a software company with its own content management system and user-experience guided marketing solutions software. I gained experience creating marketing content, executing email campaigns and analyzing data to attract clients on a global scale.

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