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Carolyn Collins Petersen


she, her




Position Type:



United States of America

Years in the field:

26+ Years

Areas of Expertise

Exhibits development, Other

Carolyn Collins Petersen (full profile here) is CEO of Loch Ness Productions. She is an award-winning science writer with more than two dozen Loch Ness Productions shows and eight books to her credit and is responsible for show development, editing and writing contracts, and other outreach services for Loch Ness Productions clients. Carolyn has also created shows for major planetaria across the U.S. including the 2016 production of Edge of Darkness for Evans & Sutherland. Her most recent fulldome show is EXOPLANETS - Discovering New Worlds, which she wrote, narrated, and co-produced.

In 2014, Carolyn narrated and co-produced the show Losing the Dark, a joint production with the International Dark-Sky Association. Over the years, Carolyn has acted as techical and content consultant for shows from such producers as Albedo Productions and Creative Planet.


In recent years, Carolyn has also been involved in planning and writing several major science exhibits projects in the U.S. and Asia. These include:

  • Shanghai Astronomical Museum, entire exhibits collection
  • "History of Exploration", NASA JPL Von Kármán Visitor Center
  • "California's Altered State", California Academy of Sciences exhibit on climate change
  • Griffith Observatory's entire exhibits collection
  • "Electricity and Magnetism", Acton Children's Museum.

Carolyn has also worked with a number of observatories on outreach and public communication, and authored and produced several Web-based productions for MIT's Haystack Observatory.


Her degrees are in education and an MA in journalism and mass communication (science communication emphasis). She has also studied astronomy, astrophysics, planetary science, and geology.

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