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Expert Profile


Barbara Punt






Position Type:

Redondo Beach


United States of America

Years in the field:

26+ Years

Areas of Expertise

Senior Leadership, Project Management, Other

Barbara Punt has over 25 years of experience managing major capital projects and the development and installation of exhibits and site-specific artworks for museums. She has a unique “insider’s/outsider’s” perspective from having spent half her career on museum staffs as an exhibit designer, project manager, and exhibit operations manager prior to founding Punt Consulting Group. PCG specializes in running vendor selection processes (including RFQs, RFPs, contract negotiations, and meeting facilitation) as well as managing projects ranging from $100K through $130M.

Her skills include the tact of a diplomat, an accountant’s attention to detail, the persuasiveness of a cheerleader, and a gymnast’s flexibility in juggling and prioritizing many tasks in a fast-paced environment.

We do project management and Owner's Representation for science centers and museums undergoing capital projects, from new exhibits to new buildings to new institutions. From running selection processes, negotiating contracts, and keeping your project on track and on budget, we're here to herd all your cats so you don't have to.

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