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June 21, 2022

We at are an inquisitive lot. A few months ago, we launched an online survey to learn a bit about who participates in our programs and how they came to know about Thank you to everyone who participated!

Now we are embarking on a new data-gathering venture – something we are calling the Community Connect Campaign. Its purpose? To find out more about what museum people want and need as they navigate the often-bumpy road to career fulfillment. And while we are collecting data, we just might collect a few new community members as well!

For this study, we will be conducting short (about 20 minutes) interviews with individuals, and – borrowing from the “snowball sampling” technique – we will be asking interviewees to, in turn, find a colleague whom they will interview (and so on).

Are you looking for a way to support with a small commitment? Be part of the Community Connect Campaign as an interviewer and/or an interviewee. For more information about this unique opportunity, contact

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