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Melissa Raynoha

Years in the field:


I would encourage my peers not to underestimate their abilities or qualifications. I think especially while job searching during this period of fewer opportunities and higher competition, it's unproductive to worry whether or not our skills match a position absolutely perfectly and then restrict ourselves because of that...If we see a position that we want, we should be confident and go for it!

A recent Museum Studies M.A. graduate with experience managing anthropological and archaeological collections, Melissa Raynoha believes that it is imperative for the museum world to focus vigorously on audience development, especially devoting resources to equitable and broad outreach to often-marginalized communities. For museums moving forward an important element of embracing inclusion will be re-thinking methods of interpretation and presentation of artifacts to ensure that a variety of perspectives are represented. She believes it will be essential for audiences to have opportunities for genuine discussion and engagement with museum staff and each other.

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