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Expert Profile


Sharon Hibbert Seitz





Full or Part-time

Position Type:

Corte Madera

United States of America

Years in the field:

11 – 15 Years

Areas of Expertise

Exhibits development, Project Management

I am passionate about designing and delivering captivating experiences that engage people’s hearts and minds. That sincere passion is what makes me an exceptionally motivating leader.


I believe that stories inspire us to learn and connect. Stories are how we tell ourselves about ourselves. And rewriting those stories is often how we heal.


I apply my background in storytelling, counseling psychology, education, multi-media production, film, and theater to developing compelling narratives for interactive experiences. I use empathy and discovery research to understand audience needs, conceptualize stories in meaningful contexts, and guide the strategy and vision for new experiences. I am a content expert waiting to happen.


In my previous incarnations I have produced: mobile apps for Star Wars and Björk, custom interactive museum exhibits for world-class museums including the American Museum of Natural History, The California Science Center, The Connecticut Science Center, and the San Diego Natural History Museum; NIH funded innovative games for health; a feature length science documentary for The Science Channel; website redesigns for major cultural centers including the Smithsonian National Museum of American History; educational games for PBS Kids and NSF grants to inspire STEM learning; and immersive eLearning applications for Fortune 500 corporations.


Working in the digital therapeutics product space for the past three years has been a deep dive in approaching development from a human behavior/problem to solve perspective. I'm exciting to apply what I’ve learned about user needs, motivations and expectations to developing innovative and contextualized place-based experiences that will educate, inspire, and motivate visitors. 


I’m in California and can add west coast coverage to your team’s reach. Let’s build something!




  • CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT: content research, audience research, stakeholder interview, focus groups, user stories, defining takeaways (and/or curriculum goals)
  • EXPERIENCE DESIGN: developing thematic elements, voice, and narrative approach; 
collaborating with designers to develop wireframes and interactive user flows, visual design approaches and visual themes
  • PRODUCTION: guiding vision and setting strategy for complex collaborative projects; establishing deliverables and review cycles; collaborating with project managers to guide production priorities and timelines; identifying opportunities for prototyping; identifying and addressing challenging items first; incorporating client and user feedback; capitalizing on unexpected great ideas; holding clients’ hands throughout
  • MANAGEMENT: developing processes to harness resources and effectively engage individual contributors; team leadership; supporting others for success; executive stakeholder management; locating and managing external resources; scaling teams
  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: lead development and management, harnessing opportunities, networking, proposal writing, negotiation, defining scope


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