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Expert Profile


Margaret Leigh Sheble



Position Type:


New York

United States of America

Years in the field:

6 – 10 Years

Areas of Expertise

Administrative Support, After-School Programs, Curatorial/Collections, Distance/Digital Learning, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + Access, Education, Events, Exhibits development, Explainer/guide, Outreach and Public Engagement, Project Management, Professional Development, Research & Evaluation, Strategic Planning, Volunteer Programs, Youth/Teen Programs, Other

My background includes seven years of various experience in guest relations, exhibit design/curation, grant writing, marketing, research and evaluation, curriculum development, program implication/hands-on learning, fundraising, and other professional museum skills required to excel in this position. My desire to be a museum professional stems from acknowledging the importance of museums as an educational institution to the community and how museums allow for a lasting positive legacy to visitors.


In August 2016, I served as an intern for the exhibits team at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis (TCM). By working with colleagues from across the museum, I played a vital role in exhibit design and implementation. From this position and others, I am thoroughly aware of the day-to-day operations of museum. As a gallery facilitator from 2018-19 I strove to engage both children and adults in my programs by encouraging them to consider big questions about other cultures and how everyday technologies work. On a volunteer basis, I also aided my supervisors in creating high-quality and age-appropriate programs by editing scripts, gathering background research, and testing program materials and activities.


Prior to working at TCM, I worked on several curatorial and exhibit projects as an undergraduate at Northern Arizona University (NAU). My experience at NAU and currently finishing up my graduate degree testifies my ability to work with an art gallery, college administration, and the wider college community. The exhibitions I worked on demonstrated that student-run projects are both beneficial and possible without major funding or expensive objects from museum collections, a skill that is beneficial especially for nonprofit organizations. As project manager I led a group of students to advertise the exhibit, envision the exhibit space, create informative text panels, assemble and document the exhibit pieces, create a small explanatory catalog, transport the art pieces, market the exhibit, and present an exemplary exhibition. In particular, during the 2013-14 year at NAU, I was awarded a Hooper Undergraduate Research Grant to curate my own exhibit titled Reflections of Flagstaff. This exhibition promoted greater interaction of NAU students with the surrounding community. The entire funding of the project was from private individuals, corporations (university administration and various departments), and local foundations to enhance donor prospects for future student funded projects. Currently I am working on a similar exhibition at the University of Rochester. I have also worked in archives at both NAU and Purdue, sorting, digitizing, organizing, curating, and researching metadata and library collections. Additionally, I served as a manager for undergraduate researchers on archival projects and helped in supervising, training, and evaluating my peers. My work at Purdue provided extensive research and background information for the exhibit Purdue at 150: A Visual History of Student Life.


Lastly, my experience teaching at Purdue University has allowed me to develop my instructional and managerial skills. I have created innovative curricula centered on creating multimodal projects, engaging with recent academic research, and conducting digital humanities research. As a graduate student, instructor, and individual with many other responsibilities, I am excellent at prioritizing and balancing competing demands and working on multiple projects of varying sizes at the same time. I am detail-orientated and have proven myself capable of taking a leadership role in my jobs but also being a flexible and enthusiastic team player.

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