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Expert Profile


Kristen McCann






Position Type:

Bucks County


United States of America


Years in the field:

6 – 10 Years

Areas of Expertise

After-School Programs, Camp Programs, Development/Sponsorship/Institutional Advancement, Distance/Digital Learning, Education, Events, Exhibits development, Grants/Foundational Giving, Marketing & Communications, Membership Programs, Project Management, Professional Development, Rentals/Sales, Social Media, Strategic Planning, Youth/Teen Programs

I have gained a wide variety of expertise in print, digital, web, illustration, and large format design. You can call me a jack of all trades. I've created designs with many different aspects of the museum world such as camp and education professionals, fundraising and development, membership, sales and catering teams, marketing, social media, curatorial and more! I am passionate about creating memorable and positive experiences from opening a brochure or invitation, to walking through a new exhibition. I would love to work in another museum, non-profit, or exhibition company.


I enjoy working with all print design and large format like billboards, and vinyl wall murals. I've created print and digital designs for 2 limited time exhibitions as well as additional graphics for many other pre-existing exhibitions.


I have also created several websites from scratch using HTML/CSS, and worked with developers to design two other sites, as well as other services like Wordpress, Wix, and Adobe Portfolio. I've also created many templates and branding for social media managers.


I can follow a project start to finish by sharing concepts with the design team, building design files, presenting to internal clients and stakeholders, and pre-press set up. I enjoy working directly with the printing companies themselves—getting proofs and going on press checks to ensure the final product turns out perfect.


Brand standards and brand recognition are extremely important. In my last position, I often made guides, templates, and digital assets to empower employees to strengthen the brand and increase efficiency.


I enjoy working with in-house graphic design teams. I believe in-house teams understand their brand and mission better than hiring an outside agency and can be a time and cost savings to the company in many cases.

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