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Expert Profile


Diana Issidorides






Position Type:



Years in the field:

20 – 25 Years

Areas of Expertise

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + Access, Education, Exhibits development, Outreach and Public Engagement, Project Management, Research & Evaluation, Youth/Teen Programs

I grew up in the States, Lebanon, and Greece in an avant-garde, academic, internationally-oriented family environment. After school, I did two years of music conservatory in Athens and lived for a year in Paris. I subsequently went to London where I received my B.Sc Honours Degree in Psychology from University College London.

My graduate studies were conducted at the Department of Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, as well as my doctorate and post-doctorate research. My research fields were psycholinguistics, memory, cognitive psychology and neuroscience. Other interests include music, writing and photography.

Public science education, however, stole my heart. I was senior scientist and exhibition developer at NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam for 23 years. I conceived and developed interactive exhibitions, multimedia experiences, special public programs (interactive theatre) and educational projects.

Developing concepts and ideas and transforming them into engaging exhibitions and interactive experiences for the general public is my particular area of expertise, and an area I feel at home in and love. My exhibition philosophy is multidisciplinary and cross-cultural; one that builds bridges between science and art, nature and culture, intellect and emotion, the traditional and the experimental, the ordinary and the extraordinary, the familiar and the strange, the past and the future. I aim to create exhibitions and experiences that address not only our minds, but our senses and our hearts, as well. And I firmly believe in the potential of our cultural institutions - whether they promote the arts or sciences - to contribute to more progressive and just societies.

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