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Expert Profile


Brian Levine






Position Type:


New York

United States of America

Years in the field:

16 – 20 Years

Areas of Expertise

After-School Programs, Camp Programs, Distance/Digital Learning, Education, Events, Intern Programs, Partnerships, Project Management, Professional Development, Strategic Planning, Volunteer Programs, Youth/Teen Programs

I have worked with learners of every age as an educator, presenter, event planner/producer, and administrator, and sit on a few boards. Over 16 years at the American Museum of Natural History, I mainly managed youth programs, providing immersive experiences for students in many aspects of the Museum, and fostered partnerships for a variety of programming. I worked with the public programs team in various events, as a presenter, planner, and day-of volunteer. And through a variety of connections, I produce and host classes and events in and around NYC, engaging the public directly with scientists in a variety of modes.


I see my career as having two broad foci - one in which I am preparing students through intensive programming for life in STEM, and the other as engaging the public in STEM. In both, I want the passion of scientists as individuals to drive that content - allowing students to develop that passion based on their interests and experiences, and to broaden the public view of scientists, to bring to light how scientific endeavors are both culturally and personally relevant.


Recently, I decided to focus more on the first aspect - helping students to prepare for career. My current job in the City University of New York is within a fellowship providing underrepresented students the funding and the training/experience to puruse STEM careers, especially in the federal sector. However, my talents in informal education are underutilized, and I am eager to return to an environment with a broader impact.

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