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Supervisory Museum Registrar + Collections Manager | LGBTQ+ Museum Staff & Audience Advocate |

Tenacious, Strategic Collections Advocate

I am a strategic and passionate collections advocate, drawing on 20 plus years of experience in archaeological labs and natural history, history, and fine art museums. Over my career, I have contributed to the stewardship of cultural and natural resources through my work with NAGPRA activities, registration and collections management, museum exhibits, education programs, and archaeological fieldwork.

I specialize in overseeing acquisitions, loans, dispositions, and rights and reproductions for diverse resources on exhibition—archaeological, ethnographic, biological, geological. I am accomplished at analyzing legal issues in museums including NAGPRA and fish and wildlife laws and permits.

If you are looking for a problem-solver or a bridge-builder, I have demonstrated experience resolving a range of collection and operational challenges, big or small:

+ Applying best practices to collections policy, procedure and form development

+ Developing and administering collection information systems from the ground up

+ Negotiating solutions to displaying collections in challenging exhibit environments

+ Delivering long-term preservation benefits to collections by advocating for improvements to (1) building envelope and maintenance (2) building systems including HVAC installations and (3) visitor experience policies impacting collections

+ Troubleshooting complicated active microclimate environments in exhibit cases

+ Building a trusting rapport with collection colleagues

If you are looking for an emotionally-intelligent supervisor and teammate who embraces transparency and open communication, I have proven experience:

+ Prioritizing a warm, friendly demeanor despite a demanding work culture

+ Listening empathetically and advocating for staffs' needs

+ Supporting the growth and development of direct reports

+ Recognizing and valuing my direct reports’ contributions to the museum

+ Fostering camaraderie and fun on exhibit teams

I want to help you achieve your museum’s mission and strategic plans. Together, let’s make museums truly a place for everyone. A place our collective cultural and natural resources are respectfully cared for and shared for generations to come.

To learn more about me, please visit my LinkedIn profile at


Annette Gavigan, M.A.

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