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Looking Forward

February 15, 2022

In February 2022, the founders of, Walter Staveloz and Ellen Trappey, shared a message looking forward to a second year of operation: has had a successful first year, presenting webinars and roundtable events, and facilitating conversations and social media gatherings all aimed at helping museum professionals across disciplines and at all career stages navigate our rapidly changing field. In this work, we’ve been guided by our belief that informed professionals sustain institutions through crisis and that diverse professionals create cultural changes necessary to build truly inclusive institutions. During this busy inaugural year, we’ve also secured nonprofit status, established a board of directors, and launched a fundraising platform.

Now, leadership is pleased to share with the community our newly minted mission and vision statements, as well as our statement of values.

Mission exists to create a community that supports museum professionals in designing fulfilling careers.

We envision a future in which past, present, and future museum professionals have access to fulfilling careers, through which they can help organizations thrive and serve their communities in meaningful ways.

We welcome all who enter the community.
We believe that all people deserve respect.
We provide encouragement and support.
We believe that trust is built on transparency.
We are open and honest with one another.
We are open-minded, hearing others’ ideas and sharing our own.
We try new things and learn from failure.

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