Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Dear MuseumExpert.org members and friends,

As the end of a busy year nears, we want to recognize the support that you have given us so far by meeting virtually for a relaxed get-together. No deep conversations or serious talks, but an opportunity to learn more about each other and continue building a community. Moving forward, we realize the importance of creating bonds and sharing our stories.

You can expect a short introduction reflecting on what we have done together this past year and where we are headed. Participants will be the first to discover the recently established MuseumExpert.org Mission Statement and we hope that this will reaffirm your connection to our community. But the December 14 Happy Hour is chiefly for you to converse and have some fun. Finally, the floor will be yours for suggestions about ways MuseumExpert.org may be able to help you in the future.

Register Today.

Walter Staveloz

Founder, MuseumExpert.org