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Joel Bonasera

Years in the field:


"I can't help but wonder what museum outreach might look like in a world where remote engagement has become normalized. We need to find ways to engage in that context that aren't just shoehorning old programs into new technologies."

Museum Expert Joel Bonasera worked in the science center field at the Discovery Place in Charlotte, North Carolina, for 13 years before losing his position due to the Covid pandemic. He served in numerous capacities, with his final five years focused on leading professional development programs for teachers and other informal educators as well as gaining skills in maker space development and design thinking programming.

During the pandemic Joel spent time building out his at-home studio, equipped with 3D printers and other fabrication tools to create his own business venture. However, he misses the direct contact and working with educators. In addition to his digital fabrication work, Joel continues to do professional development work. He welcomes the opportunity to return to the informal education space in a design thinking leadership role. He sees a unique and emerging opportunity to develop and integrate virtual program experiences with new exhibitions and educational programs to create a deeper, more robust and accessible visitor experience for increasingly diverse audiences.

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