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Rachel Schwartzman

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Rachel Schwartzman is a passionate, personable, and proactive Museum and Cultural Facility Professional with 10 years of extensive hands-on research, planning, and programming experience with multiple US institutions. A specialist in visitor accessibility and inclusive programming who is accustomed to developing original, site-specific programming and training staff and volunteers in its effective delivery. She is highly skilled at facilitating meetings, training sessions, and one-on-one meetings with staff regarding professional development and has exceptional interpersonal, communications, and collaborative teamwork skills. Rachel wrote “Expanding Accessibility: Sensory-Sensitive Programming for Any Museum,” which is currently in press with Curator: The Museum Journal. Developing tools like sensory bags for the Monterey Bay Aquarium visitors, as well as creating and implementing the Sensory Sensitive Evenings at the Eugene Science Center in Oregon is just a couple of examples of how Rachel works to make institutions more accessible. Rachel loves to travel, sing karaoke, and visit museums. She would love to work with any institution looking to be more accessible and inclusive.